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Yaniv Minzer

We are happy to invite you to join us for the 3rd International Ilan Lev Method Practitioners’ Training Program – Basic Course. Note that the only requirements to enter our training is curiosity and willingness to explore and expand.

The Ilan Lev Method Practitioners Training Program consists of 4 parts, that includes:
1️ Basic Course,
2️ Movement Class Teacher Course,
3️ Advanced Course,
4️ Internship year.
Completing all four parts of this training and our internship process enables you to receive a permanent Ilan Lev Method Practitioner Diploma and allows you to be part of the ILM Members Club – ILM Circle of Practitioners.

During the course you will learn all the basic treatment materials, discover the Ilan Lev movement language and get to know the ideas and principles of the method. Also the therapeutic attitude and some additional segments will be explored. Completing this course entitles you to a temporary ILM practitioner diploma, so you can begin working as a licensed practitioner and build your clinic.
The course will also include:
▫️ 4 online Lectures with Ilan
▫️ 8 online Anatomy lessons
▫️ 4×10 days of Intense modules live in Kików
After The Course Upon completion of the Basic Course, a temporary practitioner diploma will be issued and graduates will be allowed to begin working as ILM practitioners.

This temporary diploma will be valid for two years and will have a permanent validity once all the other training requirements are completed. In special cases, and upon management’s consideration, the temporary diploma can have an extension of the validation period to three years.
You will also be able to appear in our interns list in the ILM website, access to our ever-growing digital video library that has hundreds of hours of recorded classes from previous years and will have the option to continue to learn and grow with us as part of our community.
We welcome and encourage you to join the basic course, without committing to any other part in the 3-year training. We strongly believe that through the learning process we offer – you will choose what is best for you, and decide if you wish to continue with us in your journey.
1️module: 28.08-6.09.2023
2️module: 29.02-09.03.2024
3️module: 26.08-4.09.2024
4️module: 25.02-8.03.2025

Workshop Center in Kików, Kików 91a, 28-131 Solec Zdrój, Poland

Yaniv Minzer
Is a senior practitioner and teacher of ILM basic and movement courses. Yaniv studied with ilan in 2007 and assisted him for 7 years, in basic and movement trainings. Since 2020 Yaniv is teaching the basic course in Israel and internationally, and in 2021 led the 1st international movement-teacher training.
Yaniv is a musician and dancer. Living in Israel, father of 3.

Basic Course total cost: 5000 EUR
Payments can be made in the following order:
(The account number will be sent after email registration).
Registration fee: 500 EUR
Registration fee is non-refundable.
Must be paid immediately after course registration.
Your place in the course is secured only upon completing the registration fee payment which will be deducted from the summary meeting in Kików.
1st payment: 1500 EUR
To be paid until 1.07.2023
2nd payment: 1500 EUR
To be paid until 1.10.2023
3rd payment: 1500 EUR
To be paid until 1.01.2024

The price of the Basic Course does not include costs of accommodation and food.
Cost of full board during the workshop per person (3 vegetarian meals + accommodation, tea / coffee during the day) to be paid when you arrive in Kików, payment is in PLN (Polish złoty). Please remember to bring it in cash!
In the double room: 1880 PLN / person.
In the room 3 to 5 person: 1800 PLN / person.
In the attic in own sleeping bag: 1720 PLN / person.
There is an option to stay in a private room, the availability depends on the amount of people. For this information contact us directly.

To register your participation in the workshop, please complete the application form: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSce8S6zfZ4JK7…/viewform

We will be happy to answer all your questions. Write us an e-mail at: ilanlev.method.international@gmail.com
We will contact you within 48 hours.

‼️Please note‼️
▫️ The number of students is limited and, therefore, in order to ensure your place in the training program you must pay the registration fee.
▫️ Should there be any last-minute changes regarding an upcoming course or module, you will be informed immediately.
▫️ Students taking the course without the support of an guide-practitioner will be required, in order to obtain the certificate, to undergo 6 treatments with a guide (experienced practitioner indicated by Ilan in Europe, America or Israel), treatments will be charged extra.
▫️ 10% missing classes.
▫️ Purchasing a proper treatment table and accessories is required for being able to practice at home (Feldenkrais table, stool, roller and pillows). The estimated cost is 250 EUR per table and about 50 EUR for the accessories. It’s important that the table height will be 45-47 cm and that the width will be 80 cm.
1. Table we had on the course you can find : www.bestmassage.pl https://bodynova.de/…/Fel…/Massage-table-TAOline-FELDENK RAIS-BASIC.html
2. Table used in Tlv: http://doobal.com/treatment-tables/Feldenkrais Dynamic weight should be not less than 220 KG.
Also you’ll need:
▫️ a stool (small chair), it needs to be stable and with the same height as the table.
▫️ a roller (Cylinder shaped pillow) is necessary, it should be 15-20 cm diameter and 80 cm long.
▫️ pillows (the best is to have few types): 40x25x2, 40x25x4

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